Gardening Aids

Majors Mulch can  Mulch

Soil Conditioners: Garden Mate; Bentonite; Volcanic Rock Dust; Dolomite

Garden Mate: rock minerals and healthy soil microbes

Whether your soil is heavy clay or porous sand, Garden Mate will bring it towards normal, healthy soil.


troforte-crf-superfeeder-2Fertilisers: slow release; cow manure;


Garden Delight


Fruit Blend

Veggie Mate






Lawn Blend







garden_spray__Neem Insecticide

P140SLTL_600Plastic Pots

Wheels 4 wp    Wheelbarrow wheels that will not puncture or go flat



Potting Mix

Wildlife Friendly Nets

Gardening Aides: Best of all, our qualified horticulturists will help you choose what you need to use for your particular situation


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