Citrus trees

Citrus fruit x6A wide range of citrus trees are grown as full size and also as short (“dwarf”) trees. The range changes seasonally, so please enquire about our current availability. It usually includes:

Lemons – Eureka, Lisbon, Meyer, and sometimes Lemonade; new varieties include Fino, and Yen Ben


Oranges – Seedless Valencia, and Washington Navel Oranges. Sometimes we also have Arnold’s Blood Orange; new varieties include Mediterranean Sweet Orange (also known as Parramatta Orange) and Pineapple Orange

Limes – Tahitian Limes, and sometimes we also have Kaffir Limes; new varieties include West Indian Limes

Mandarins – Imperial, Emperor, Clementine (also known as Algerian Tangerine), Kara, and Silver Hill; new varieties include Afourer and Okitsu

Cumquats – Nagami, and Meiwa

Calamondins, also called Calamansi – Green, and Variegated

Grapefruit – Wheeny, Marsh, Ruby Red, Rio Red

Tangerines – Bowerman


Tangellos – Minneola, and sometimes Seminole




Yuzu is essential in Japanese cuisine. It looks like a lemon, but the aroma and flavour are a mix of orange, mandarin and grapefruit. Beware the long thorns on the trees. Featured on ABC TV’s Landline. Watch the 10min episode here.


    Fino lemon has a high juice content, low seed number (averages five seeds per fruit) and juice acidity is high. Fruit is small-medium size, typically smaller fruit than Eureka lemon; it is spherical to oval in shape with a smooth thin rind. The nipple is comparatively small and short. Rind colour is pale … Continue reading Fino

Yen Ben

Yen Ben lemon has high juice content that is maintained during long-term storage. Rind is thinner than both Eureka and Lisbon lemons. Yen Ben lemon produces smaller sized fruit than Eureka lemon and has low seed numbers, usually averaging around two seeds per fruit. On the Central Coast of NSW Yen Ben produces multiple crops … Continue reading Yen Ben