Yen Ben

Yen Ben lemon has high juice content that is maintained during long-term storage. Rind is thinner than both Eureka and Lisbon lemons. Yen Ben lemon produces smaller sized fruit than Eureka lemon and has low seed numbers, usually averaging around two seeds per fruit.

On the Central Coast of NSW Yen Ben produces multiple crops throughout the year with the majority of fruit harvested in winter.

Yen Ben lemon was selected as a sport of Lisbon lemon at ‘Benyenda’ near Burrum Heads, Queensland in the late 1930s. Later trials led to it becoming a popular lemon variety due to its good fruit quality characteristics. It has a growth habit similar to Lisbon lemon and is comparatively thorny, especially in young trees. It may grow as a small but productive tree.

Pest and disease susceptibility appears to be similar to other lemon varieties grown under Australian conditions.

These notes are based on information provided in Growing Lemons in Australia – a production manual, by Sandra Hardy of NSW Department of Primary Industries. Further information, including disclaimers and copyright details are available at